How I Almost Killed Myself – Damn I Need Air

Picture by Vectorportal

Was it a good idea? In retrospect, no. It has no use to practice to stop breathing and have a peaceful afterlife forever. It’s so damn hard not to start breathing again after you’re out of oxygen. Need to think of something else. I’ll keep you updated…


12 thoughts on “How I Almost Killed Myself – Damn I Need Air

  1. So, that’s how it works? You run out of oxygen, so even if you want to breathe, you can’t?
    We aren’t allowed to do “no breathers” at the pool anymore. Maybe that’s why?

  2. im not trying to bombard your blog with comments lol but i also have a how i almost killed myself story too – a month after yours, and all i did was try to take a nap!

    ended up almost freezing to death (core body temp 90) and woke up in the icu 2 days before christmas!.

    all i wanted to do was take a nap lmsao. it could only happen to me…..


  3. Fay Moore says:

    Thinking of you. . .kindly.

  4. noregrets74 says:

    I enjoy your honesty and taste of the darkside.

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