Questionnaire Part 4 Of God Kows How Many

Picture by aussiegall

So, I’m done with crying. Had to retreat a couple of days, but now I’m back. Let’s continue!

7) Your idea of misery.

Well, being me I guess.

Note: Being incredibly bored by myself I’m gonna spice the questions up. Hell, yeah! That and being depressed by my last confession.

8 ) What would you wish for Christmas, if you believed Santa existed.

Being a happy-go-lucky person, would be good for starters.

9) The secret of success.

How the hell should I know, if I would, I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep every night. But on the other hand who knows, maybe I would, I’m really screwed up you know. That’s where I get my inspiration from. *pat my back somehow proud*


You May Tell Me All Your Secrets. Go Ahead!

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