Happy Birthday Alan Rickman – 66 Reasons To Adore Him

Best wishes to Alan Rickman, a very talented artist

and a damn hot fella.

1. Look at that smile – how could anyone resist

2. Talent

3. Genius

4.  Inspiration for so many of us


 6. Badass and Nice Guy – two in one, how cool is that

7. Has standards – as well as setting them

8.  Funny – good sense of humor contributes to his tremendous  charm

9. Naughty – check out Seminar, if you don’t believe me

10. Getting hotter with each year

11. He’s universally loved – guys

confess they adore him

Reason 11. to 66 . is always the same




89 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alan Rickman – 66 Reasons To Adore Him

  1. The only thing I hate about this post is that I can’t decide what I like most about Alan, although it might be that he keeps getting hotter and hotter; plus, of course, his talent. 🙂

    • Turber says:

      Yes, dear life is full of hard decisions, but thank God there is no need for any in this case! Let’s just agree, that we love everything about him. 😀

  2. Lovely tribute. Happy birthday to an awesome person. Here’s hoping for many more years of obsession.

  3. Tracy says:

    Very funny list 🙂 I saw him on stage and even his foot steps are well acted! He’s truly wonderful.

  4. Pauline says:

    Alan is awesome! Happy belated to him!

  5. super talented, and amazing! Can’t believe we missed his birthday!

  6. Been a fan since “Truly, Madly, Deeply”… still a timeless film, and what an incredible actor…! Such a shame that “Mesmer” is still stuck in some attorney’s vault somewhere…

  7. bigron42 says:

    He played an awsome part in Sweeny Todd. Great singing voice.

  8. One of my favorite actors out there

  9. Hilarious dood! Keep it comin! xx

  10. gstig says:

    ❤ Alan Rickman.Always!

  11. lmao i found HIM! holy shit turber, you’re funny as hell! i saw that he was the uber bad guy in die hard, i think i remember that. he was smokin then and is even smokier now (i have a thing for older guys, my old man is 18 years older than i am). i dont know if it was this post or the next where you had something that resembled lyrics from one of my all time favorite band A3 – and the tune Hypo Full of Love (the 12 step program). I want to lock larry love into my closet and take him out to do immoral and illegal things to/with him… drooling…..

    rock on Turber!

  12. ML-X says:

    Great post about a great man! There’s just no way one can dislike him 🙂

  13. Thank you, Turber dear. I figured it was better late than never to wish your beloved Alan Rickman a Happy Birthday! Count me in as both of your fans 😉 Your friend, me

  14. joyannaadams says:

    And he speaks excellent French!

    • Turber says:

      Really? I hope you don’t mean Bottleshock. 🙂

      • joyannaadams says:

        What? You didn’t LIKE Bottleshock? How can you adore Alan and not like his preformance in Bottleshock?

        I thought his “french” was..very sexy…and I don’t speak it, but I have heard some people who do, and they didn’t sound have as nice.

      • Turber says:

        He was supposed to speak it not that well the role demanded it.
        Nobody what language ever will sound as sexy as him (it’s his voice, it’s too gorgeous, too magic, too everything), but no I was not that thrilled with Bottleshock.
        There is just much better stuff out there from him. Do you know “The Search For John Gissing”? I’d prefer that much more.

      • joyannaadams says:

        No…I’ll have to catch that one. Mostly here, he’s always on TV as Snape. I liked him in Robin Hood. Really funny.

      • Turber says:

        Yes, the Sheriff of Nottingham was cracking me up, too. 🙂

  15. He’s the best actor of evil characters since Basil Rathbone.

  16. benthvedt says:

    You know those automated phone menus you get sometimes when you call a company? I always thought that Alan Rickman would be great as the voice of one of those. Especially if he did it in his best professor Snape voice.

  17. I know I’m exactly one month late wishing happy birthday to Mr. Rickman, but yes. Yes to all of this. He’s amazing and certainly worthy of an extensive, if not slightly disturbing, online tribute.

  18. carrielouwho says:

    I thought he was hot way back on “Die Hard”…I wanted him to win 🙂

  19. rubyblue32 says:

    I first saw him in “Quigley, Down Under” and thought he was great, but the best movie I ever saw him in was”Something the Lord Made” . That was awe inspiring. My son has a complete AV Heart block with pacemaker implant and turned just the shade of blue as the babies in that movie. It was an amazing thing to learn how they learned about all that, and Rickman brought just the right amount of ego to the role of a cardiologist. Thanks for sharing your Rickman love with the rest of us! 🙂

    • Turber says:

      I agree with you great movie, great actor, deserves a great amount of worshipping. Got a whole lotta love, therefore a lot to share! 😉

  20. I love him…He is a great actor…great tribute post. Thanks for liking my post. Love your blog…just clicked the follow button. 😉

  21. Mee says:

    Bounced over to you after you “liked” a post on my main blog, thank you.
    Couldn’t resist seeing what you had to say about another of my favourite actors.
    Have been a big fan for so many years, especially since I saw him take the p*ss out of himself in something… wish I could remember what is was… 😦

    • Turber says:

      You mean the chair-peeing-incident?

      • Mee says:

        No, that wasn’t it, although it’s a great example of his facial expressions. (Just before that, does Juliet Stevenson go cross-eyed while he’s talking?)
        He often wonderfully “over-hams” parts so that I nearly pee my chair, but it’s possible that what I was thinking about was in an interview or a documentary.
        When I’ve got some time I’ll do some research….

      • Turber says:

        Good, let me know about your results. 🙂

  22. Evil in Die Hard, wonderfully sweet in Sense and Sensibility, and completely believable in both. An actor with range; what’s not to love?

  23. Lipstick Terrorist says:

    I’ve had a crush on Alan Rickman ever since I saw Robin Hood Prince of Thieves aged 10 or so. ‘I’ll cut your heart out with a SPOON Locksley!’ My Mum likes him too, which is a bit weird. Thanks for the blog like 🙂

  24. chomaee says:

    One of my favorite actors…Happy Birthday

  25. jhv57 says:

    Lovely sentiments…

  26. I have always loved this guy since the first time I laid eyes on him in Truly, Madly, Deeply.

  27. Typed with a weepy voiceover…… I love Alan Rickman. Cheers and thanks for the series of great but eyeless pics. T

    • Turber says:

      Yes, it is a double-edged sword!
      It makes it more intriguing and misterious, but it conceals at the same time one of his best features. 🙂

  28. MDBurgos says:

    Brilliant, although I thought he was mighty hot, nay on fire, in Die Hard.

  29. Another Olivier! Magnificent actor! Everything he creates is powerful and worth watching for years to come! Happy Birthday Sir Rickman!

  30. sandrabranum says:

    The Metatron – one of the many reasons for watching “Dogma” over and over again.

  31. eof737 says:

    Happy Birthday Rick… love this post in your honor… do stop in and say hello to the fans here sometime. 😉

  32. “I am an exceptional thief, and since I’m moving onto kidnapping, you should be more polite.” Q.E.D

  33. hugmamma says:

    Years ago I saw him in a Broadway play. The name of it escapes me, but it was about a married couple and the letters they wrote one another. I think. After the show my daughter and I waited with others at the stage door to get an autograph. I don’t remember what I said in reply to a question he asked. I was too nervous. But he didn’t disappoint, in his performance, or in his typically droll attitude upon meeting him.

    Thanks for visiting 🙂

  34. photobycraig says:

    A great actor!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is very much appreciated!

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