Back From Tibet – But Still Fighting For Buddhism Based On Alan Rickman

buddhaJust returned from my self-discovery trip to Tibet.

Was real tough, almost became a Buddhist!

Stepped back from that idea after a couple of monks tried to slay me.

Still trying to figure out what upset them so much, these guys are supposed to be peaceful souls right?

I think my idea of conveying a whole new branch of Buddhism arround the glory of having Alan Rickman on this planet might have  failed.

Although I’m not sure yet, I hope they give it a thought, as soon as they calm down a bit.

diaryIt started out so good, armed with my backpack and diary, invited by a bunch of monks to stay at the monastery.

Water had a funny color, taste was most interesting, couldn’t take the rice though, caused terrible stomach ache.

Made a lot of friends – fright of cockroaches and huge bugs practically gone.

Gold everywhere, scraped bits off whenever I could, for souvenir purposes.

Must admit had trouble though discovering myself – I blame the lack of internet access for that.

Alan RickmanMonks didn’t empathize with me on this. Felt it was time for my:

“Why Alan Rickman is so divine”-lecture

Was a disaster, caused almost a riot.

Again, I blame lack of internet for that.

Six month of backpacking sucks, if there is no internet access anywhere!

What I’ve learned:

I don’t want to live without internet ever again.

Don’t trust a monk with a torch.

Adoring Alan Rickman will unite people some day.


21 thoughts on “Back From Tibet – But Still Fighting For Buddhism Based On Alan Rickman

  1. “There is no god but Alan Rickman, Looserornot is the messenger of god.”
    Geezy peezy, what don’t these Buddhists understand?

    • Turber says:

      I was naive enough to think the sheer sight of an Alan Rickman picture would bring instant enlightenment. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way – I’m terribly confused!

      • These people are clearly savages. We must indoctrinate them into the love and forgiveness of Alan Rickman to save their pagan souls.
        Perhaps a TV campaign? All we need is a seriously overweight spokesperson… who has no idea of what Alan Rickman suffers for his art.

      • Turber says:

        That shouldn’t be too hard, I know I lot of fat Rickmaniacs who would do anything to spread the noble message.

      • hmmm I may be one. Just not whiny like Sally Struthers or vile as the 70 year old whack-job in the tight green shirt. Plump though.
        Still, there may be a future,,. which includes hugging Alan

      • Turber says:

        Every effort that can lead to be hugged by Alan is good invested time!

  2. I’m in. Lets get this groundswell for peace started.

  3. t.a. says:

    Would we all have to rub Alan Rickman’s tummy for good luck? Are we sure Alan Rickman has already reached Nirvanna? Does he sit under a Bodhi tree, or some other tree?

  4. R. A. Gates says:

    You are my kind of people. Alan Rickman is the key to everlasting peace and happiness. So simple.

  5. EvelynnWhite says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your “Why Alan Rickman is so divine” lecture was a disaster. I’d be more than happy to listen to it any time! You must be somebody who understands why I had to shoot the postman!

  6. asklotta says:

    Oh my word…loved your posting! Never thought I would laugh at someone’s self discovery!

  7. cjknotts says:

    *shakes head* Everyone knows never to drink the

  8. You can civilise savages with drones…. Only then will they understand the power and glory. Well, the American military think so…


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