Emerald – Now You’re Talking!

emeraldsEmerald green was made color of the year 2013 – what a relief!

Last year was a disaster colorwise and otherwise, too.

In case you’ve forgotten the orangeness issue or don’t know what I’m talking about altogether.


Here you go dear: click please (that’s right don’t be shy!)

I am very sensitive to colors, especially in the wrong places.

I love blue obviously, still I don’t think it looks good on teeth.

Color theory says: green is a combination of blue and yellow.

There is nothing wrong with that.

I consider that a good pairing – like Alan Rickman and myself – match made in heaven.

kermitA lot of things I like are green:

trees, green velvet, green traffic lights,

money, St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns (check this out if you don’t believe me)

Kermit the frog, Emerald City, emeralds in general – particularly nice as gifts. 

Maybe the wizard could help?

I am not afraid of flying, I am willing to buy a red pair of shoes, and I definitely know a lot of witches!

emerald-cityThis is gonna be my year – I feel it!

12 thoughts on “Emerald – Now You’re Talking!

  1. crazybunny66 says:

    you never cease to amaze me 🙂

    • Turber says:

      Thanks, dear! I actually manage to surprise myself very often – I guess that’s the benefit of being unpredictable or plain crazy… 😉

  2. Saw the new (“prequel” actually) OZ movie over the weekend. Great story and you can get high on “emerald!”

    • Turber says:

      So, you’d recommend the movie? Or just the emeralds? 😉

      • LOVED the movie. Only the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve been at a movie where the audience applauded at the end. It was a well-conceived “prequel” to the classic original movie. I kept waiting for the wizard to kill the wicked witch, and then I thought, “No, that has to wait until DOROTHY arrives!”

      • Turber says:

        Sounds like you got your high on it – I shall give it a try then – I’ll keep you updated on the results! 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by – I’ll have to see if I can’t put in more Alan Rickman references. Loved your blog even before the Wizard of Oz reference, but had to follow after I saw that!

  4. skinnyuz2b says:

    I enjoy your style of writing and hope your feelings are correct – that this is going to be a great year! As for the wizard, he was a liar that sent Dorothy and her trio into the witch’s clutches for nothing. He should have been eaten by the flying monkeys.

  5. EllaDee says:

    It’s been a while, but I remember orange 🙂 Emerald has a nice feel to it, it rolls off the tongue when you say it, unlike orange which is clunky…

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