Things I don’t get – Right Kind Of Sleep

I just don't get it

Picture by tinou bao

I never thought sleeping was a hard business – I kept falling asleep a lot in school.

But nowadays I seem to have severe problems in that department …

Monday: couldn’t sleep because I was freezing – too lazy to get up and grab another blanket

Tuesday: was sleeping with two blankets – too stupid to get rid of one during my nightmares, thanks to severe sweating dehydrated to some state of unconsciousness

Wednesday: went to bed early – big mistake should’ve had some dinner first, very hungry, in fact to hungry to get up and have midnight snack

Thursday: ate a lot so I wouldn’t suffer empty stomach – good idea carried out poorly, had to go to the bathroom every hour or so, not much sleep apart from the hour I doze off while on the john

Friday: severe insomnia caused by panic attacks whenever I saw my bed – took some valerian drops and slept on the sofa

I can’t help thinking I’m doing something fundamentally wrong here …

Things I Don’t Get – Good Help

Things that needed to be done – the results I ended up with

Picture by tinou bao

The laundry – drowned carpets and spiders, because of the flood I caused

The dishes – less dishes to do in future, due to reduced amount of plates, cups, bowls (may they rest in peace)

The dinner Рunhealthy fumes in the kitchen, walls went slightly grey (can an oven burn itself up, too?), anyway the lasagna tasted very smoky and a bit rubbery

The grocery shopping – got enough chips to party every day til doomsday, unfortunately no water, fruits or vegetables, although I guess, I could easily substitute the fruits and veggies with gummy bears (they got all the colors)

Do I need help?

Certainly, I do!

Unfortunaltely can’t afford servants…

Things I Don’t Get – Enlightenment

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Does enlightened mean you have the light on all the time because you can’t sleep, anyway?

Things I Don’t Get – A Good Night’s Sleep

Picture by tinou bao

A good night’s sleep without a nightmare.