Voices In My Head – The Boss

Family CrestI can’t take it anymore, can you take it?

I feel the walls are closing in on me.

This is vile and humiliating.

Who the f… are you, anyway?

I’m the one telling you to relax! Good lord, just a couple more minutes and we’re done.

Getting a hair cut is not lethal – damn, cramp in my calf, help me quick gotta get outta here, NOW!

Voices In My Head – Deviations

It dawns on me life might be too short to stick to this till the end.

I feel really naughty today.

That’s perfectly normal.

No risk no fun, right?

Alright, we’ll try a new cereal brand.

Voices In My Head – To Run Or Not To Run That Is The Question

The whole thing is hopeless.

They’re gonna getcha.

You better run now as long as you can, that’s not paranoid, it’s reasonable.

No use getting up this week, so if I just stay in bed, nobody will bother me with anything.

Ahhh, come on rain drops are not that lethal!

Voices In My Head – Curiosity


Maybe it’s dead.

Maybe it’s catatonic.

Maybe it’s lurking.

Maybe it’s friendly.

Is it edible?

Voices In My Head – The Voice Of Reason

You shouldn’t eat only ice cream throughout the whole day.

Why not, it’s just sitting in the freezer.

Don’t waste food, dear.

Yeah, you shouldn’t risk that it’s going bad.

Shut the fuck up, I know what I’m doing! 911 – I guess, I need an ambulance, please trace this call back.

Voices In My Head – Accusations

Is there a point of trampling on my feelings or why are you doing this to me?

Everyone needs a hobby.

Is it contagious?

I guess, I’m a bit paranoid.

No, you’re not. You are the plague!

Voices In My Head – Decisions

No, don’t tell me, is it animal, mineral or from outer space?

Who died in there?

Is it supposed to be, so wet?

Uhh, I can’t eat that, I’m tryin to cut back, I guess!

There are still some changes in my will, when I’m done I’ll get back to you.