Alan’s Greatest Movies

Hans Gruber – Die Hard

Die Hard

The first movie Alan ever made, he was already 42!

Before that he had only made some stuff for British TV and spent of course most of his acting career on theatre stages.

He also started acting professionally quite late, when he was 26.

This role was his breakthrough, fame practically came within 90 minutes.

He once said in an interview that he was in the movie theatre in L.A. with the audience (I think it was a preview or screening I’m not sure) after the film he had severe difficulties to make it to his car.

They all went after him.

A star was born, the rest is history.


Jamie – Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly Deeply

Alan as a romantic ghost comes back constantly freezing.

Keep your hankies ready I guarantee you will cry along with Juliet Stevenson, she cries real hard, my oh my.

He starts driving her crazy pretty soon, which is extremely entertaining.

I wonder, if he loves his cello a little too much.


Colonel Brandon – Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility

Be careful, if you don’t like Kate Winslet you will have a hard time watching it.

God knows, I don’t like the story or the other characters, I really only watch it because Alan’s hair looks so amazing.


David Weinberg – Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor

This one is a precious pearl not many people know of.

But know this: if you want to see parts of Alan you’ve never seen before, you should check out this one. No kidding!


Phil Allen – Blow Dry

Blow Dry

Alan as a bitter barber whose  ex-wife ran away with his model for a hair styling competition. I love this one and I feel it’s not getting enough love.

The movie is really funny, has also its dark moments, but definitely great.

Especially the very cool tattoo Alan has in that film.

You will never guess where it is.

Also prepare for some black humor.


John Gissing – The Search for John Gissing

The Search for John Gissing

Don’t be fooled, Alan looks like a serious businessman, thank God he isn’t.

He’s talking  his girlfriend (a former stripper) into disguising as a horny nun – something only Alan could manage I’d say. It is hilarious!

Severus Snape – Harry Potter I-VIII

Harry Potter I – VIII

Potter movies – obviously because of Snape, so probably 5 minutes of each one (only the parts he’s in)

You just got to love Snape!

Detention was never so tempting.

He could even poison me anytime – I wouldn’t complain.


Lionel Shahbandar – Gambit


Haven’t seen it yet, I’m waiting for the DVD actually.

But the trailer was good, so it should be fun.

Alan is there in the nude. What’s there not to enjoy, right?

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