Ode To Alan Rickman

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman – alright that was the poetic part!

You want more? No problem – I got some more good stuff.

Sonnet 130 even if you don’t care about it – the voice is the treat.

I’d say that’s Shakespeare at its best!

Now the facts:

Actor, director,  genius artist. No doubt, he’s dripping with talent and  – probably lots of saliva, too (Fans massively drooling over him all the time).

He’s teaching the world compassion – not only through his numerous charity activities – thanks to Alan, people now feel sorry for dark wizards with no friends.

Mostly unknown facts:

According to him, he’s a nice guy and doesn’t play bad people – only interesting characters.

Compassion! You see Hans Gruber, The Sheriff of Nottingham, and Judge Turpin are not bad – only seriously misunderstood.

He’s still naughty, though!

You want a proof? Click here


Now, tell me you don’t adore him …

Don’t fight it – you know you can’t resist Alan Rickman.


I leave you to your dreams now!

Happy Birthday Alan Rickman – 66 Reasons To Adore Him

Best wishes to Alan Rickman, a very talented artist

and a damn hot fella.

1. Look at that smile – how could anyone resist

2. Talent

3. Genius

4.  Inspiration for so many of us


 6. Badass and Nice Guy – two in one, how cool is that

7. Has standards – as well as setting them

8.  Funny – good sense of humor contributes to his tremendous  charm

9. Naughty – check out Seminar, if you don’t believe me

10. Getting hotter with each year

11. He’s universally loved – guys

confess they adore him

Reason 11. to 66 . is always the same




Alan Rickman, Thanks To New Photos

Just had to have this awesomeness on my blog, hope you enjoy as much as I do…



There are two more on photographer Carlos Lumiere‘s site under the Portraiture category.

I just stumbled onto these via Tumblr a few minutes ago, and upon first sight, my ovaries packed up and left.

P.S. It’s lovely to see Alan in that hat. UNF.

P.S.S. IDGAF if he’ll be 66 on Feb. 21… he’s EFFING HAWT.

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No Oscar Any Time Soon For Alan Rickman – 10 Step Program

Welcome to the Help Camp!

Home of the desperate, shelter for the disappointed, place for pissed ones.

You are furious?

Mad about the injustice that Alan Rickman isn’t even nominated for the Oscar?

Then you came to the right place!

Just follow my 10-Step-Get-Well-Soon-Program-For-Rickmaniacs and you will survive.

Step 1: First of all, it’s not the end of the world – it only feels like that, it’ll pass – try to breathe.

While your at it inhale this:

Step 2: Resist to eat!

If you shove in too much ice cream, candy and cake into your mouth, it won’t fill the emptiness and remember sorrows don’t drown – they can swim – stay away from booze, too!

Have some tea with Alan instead:

Step 3: Primal scream therapy

Scream, as loud as you can, you’ll feel better, promise.

In case you’ve sensitive neighbors, or other insensitive people, who do not share your pain, scream into your pillow, or if it’s already wet from your tears, the nearest woods will do.

Step 4: Let’s have a bit of a think.

Incredibly talented. – Yes

Very smart. – Yes

Intriguing personality. – Yes

Handsome (almost too much to handle in fact). – Absolutely

So let’s say he’s the total package.

There is no need to feel sorry for him!

Step 5: Dance with Alan – he’s even (almost) singing for you.

Listen to that soft silky voice and tell me you don’t want to Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, Samba…

Refuse to dance? I don’t think so!

Step 6: Confess that the obsession with Alan Rickman is bigger than you.

I hereby confess, there is no other Rickman than Alan, and I will worship him forever.


Step 7: Call yourself a Rickmaniac and be proud of it.

You are not alone!

Injustice! Alan Rickman should have been nominated for Oscars

For the love of Alan Rickman

Step 8: Find a way back to life.

Path to enlightenment.

Step 9: Take full responsibility.

You are sad and you have the goddamn right to be.

Step 10: Ask for help!

I’m there for you, I understand, I share your pain.

Don’t hesitate to let me know.

Be aware of the fact:

He doesn’t need a naked bald guy in gold coating to be gorgeous, he already is.

By the way, he has the sexiest hair in the world himself, so whatever you do – don’t panic!

Obsessed With Confessions

I confess I became a Rickmaniac, long before I knew that there were so many delicious Sites to feed that obsession. Rickmaniac’s Confessions is my very favorite.

This is definitely true in my opinion, but I would also take them both, just in order to avoid offending one of those gorgeous creatures.

Who Do I Want To Be Today And Why – Alan Rickman

Why Alan Rickman? He is brilliant, successful and has actually a life. Want 10 more reasons? Watch yourself.