St. Patrick’s Day – I Love Greens $$$

On St. Patrick’s Day the Chicago River is green!

I wonder what they dump into the water the other 364 days to prevent that?

At The Drunken Shamrock Cafe:

I wasn’t too happy there – was kind of cheap. Their Irish coffee didn’t even have coffee in it, only 25 year old Single Malt Whisky.

Sure, it was served in an elaborate chalice, made out of pure gold – you don’t get that at Starbucks – but on the other hand, I could never have 15 Irish coffees a day,  I guess I save money on that.

So, after my 2nd chalice, I thought – in lack of my fairy godmother showing up – I’ll catch me a leprechaun and see, if I can get him to grant me a wish or at least borrow some cash.

In the trap, I’ve constructed for that purpose,

I caught last night:

My neighbour’s cat,

my neighbor himself

his daughter’s boyfriend.

Well, not bad for one night!

My neighbor gave me 20 bucks for preventing an illegal visit (from her admirer) to his daughter, and another 20 to bail out his cat.

His daughter gave me 30 to bail out the guy, and an additional 20 not to reveal it wasn’t her present boyfriend.

The young gentleman paid me 50 bucks as hush money, and 50 extra if I promise not to move my trap to the mum’s window tomorrow night.

You’re supposed to wear something green on St. Patrick’s Day?

Lucky me, dollar bills are green! $$$

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everybody