I Hate Christmas

Picture by Vectorportal

Due to absolutely no demand I’m going to declare that I am not a big fan of Christmas. There a two main reasons for that.

First of all I only get presents that totally suck, well that does apply to birthday presents too, but on Holidays it’s worse.

Picture by Darwin Bell

Second reason would be people just go plain crazy, they panic, they are depressed and are usually more insufferable than normal.

Something else just came into my mind, I’ve never been kissed under the mistletoe.

Yep, it’s official now, I do hate Christmas!

Christmas Coming Up – Oh God, Mercy!

Picture by SteveB

Countdown for Christmas folks. Only a few more days to go, hands up who’s already depressive. You want something to cheer you up? Sorry, not my alley!

Not the slightest idea how to get myself through it and stay sane. Although, I’ve heard lots of shopping works for most people. Doesn’t apply to me, cause I’m broke, as always.

But the real nightmare are the presents I get. How do they do it? The bastards actually manage to give me stuff that’s getting worse every year. No, I won’t be calling names. Not yet…

Yes, you might call me ungrateful, but anyone who dares to give me an other calendar or a cheap orange notebook with feint-ruled pages, enters the world of pain. That’s a promise!