The Perfect Gift For Everyone

Gift-Packing-BoxI finally figured it out and I’m sure I’ll certainly attain nirvana for that – probably the only real achievement in my whole life anyway!

And as I’m terribly proud of myself a generous person – every now and then –

I’ll share the secret to happy existence with you:

Make proper gifts!

finger traps

Someting that everybody benefits from – Chinese finger traps are the key.

It’s so simple I could cry – in fact I am …

Why didn’t I think of that,  you may wonder – don’t torture yourself – epiphanies may come late in life or never, but in any case they’re hard to remember when sober again.

Anyway, for those who are still drunk, I’ll explain, so stop puking for a moment or two.

It worksThey are foolproof!

You can give it to people you like – watch them having a good time.

A charitable gift for people you hate – watch them and you’ll have a good time (priceless watching people how to make more use of their feet)

Relax and watch the beauty of simplicity.

Anyone with a proper business plan feel free to contact me!

Mountain top

Meditating for month on a mountain top finally paid off!

But don’t pin me down on that – could have been drinking on a rooftop, too  – I have no clear memory about it.

What I Failed At – Effective Healthcare

An apple a day keep’s the doctor away. Had 10 today couldn’t notice any repelling effect.

Does that make me a looser? I don’t know you tell me!

Voices In My Head – Curiosity


Maybe it’s dead.

Maybe it’s catatonic.

Maybe it’s lurking.

Maybe it’s friendly.

Is it edible?

Questionnaire Part 3 Of God Kows How Many

Picture by aussiegall

4) Your main fault.

Not being Alan Rickman.

5) Your favourite occupation.

Not the faintest idea. Well, actually I pretend to be Alan Rickman does that count?

6) Your idea of happiness.

I am positive, I would be really happy, if I could be Alan Rickman. At least for a day, and I wouldn’t mind living that day again and again for the rest of my life.

Questionnaire Part 2 Of God Kows How Many

Picture by aussiegall

Let’s actually start with the questions and my wisdom that I wish to share.

1) Desirable virtues

Mindpower to alternate everything according to personal preference. Who needs a Fairy Godmother and a curfew!

2) Favorite qualities in people

Generosity. I adore anyone who is generous to me.

3) What to appreciate most in friends.

Especially with me, that they even consider to be in a friendship with me. Well loyalty is great in general isn’t it?

Dear future friends, thanks for being my friends!

Questionnaire Part 1 Of God Knows How Many

Picture by Justus Hayes

For the record, this is not a Meme!

This is the turberification of the Marcel Proust Questionnaire.

I thought it’s about time, that all the poor souls bringing themselves to actually read this blog, should get something out of this. Of course my humble goal can’t be to educate you, but what I can do is to give you at least the tools to pretend, that you are educated.

If everything else fails, here is what you need to know, in order to survive any party conversation that may ever occur in your life. If you’re like me, you don’t get invited to parties of course, but one can at least dream, right?