Things I don’t get – Right Kind Of Sleep

I just don't get it

Picture by tinou bao

I never thought sleeping was a hard business – I kept falling asleep a lot in school.

But nowadays I seem to have severe problems in that department …

Monday: couldn’t sleep because I was freezing – too lazy to get up and grab another blanket

Tuesday: was sleeping with two blankets – too stupid to get rid of one during my nightmares, thanks to severe sweating dehydrated to some state of unconsciousness

Wednesday: went to bed early – big mistake should’ve had some dinner first, very hungry, in fact to hungry to get up and have midnight snack

Thursday: ate a lot so I wouldn’t suffer empty stomach – good idea carried out poorly, had to go to the bathroom every hour or so, not much sleep apart from the hour I doze off while on the john

Friday: severe insomnia caused by panic attacks whenever I saw my bed – took some valerian drops and slept on the sofa

I can’t help thinking I’m doing something fundamentally wrong here …

Avoid Dark Alleys And Muskrats

It was definitely the wrong turn to take.

I was lost, it was so dark, wet, and creepy.

Believe me there are better places for loitering.

This shifty little bugger snitched my pen.

It’s a pen, so what, get another one damnit – you say?

That objection seems reasonable, at first!

You must know:

I hang on to it for sentimental reasons.

I wouldn’t make a fuzz about it – but it was my favorite  – I snitched it from my math teacher once.

So, you see it’s imperative I get it back.

My precious, my treasure … *cough* … sorry fishbone stuck in my throat.

Don’t let the fluffy furiness ensnare you – there is a criminal mind at work.

Have you seen this muskrat?

Current residence of the fugitive unknown.

Any relevant information will be appreciated.

But not rewarded!

Does anyone know if you turn into something weird, after being bitten by a muskrat?

I was never into that superhero thing.


I don’t mind orange on carrots, tangerines, or kumquats.

It’s a healthy color on them, but on everything else it can be a nightmare!

Do I have issues with orange?

Certainly, you would too if it happened to you.

Take a look at this: inacceptable orangeness

I still can’t believe it was made color of the year!

Yes, in the year of 2012 we face Tangerine Tango as the main enemy, I think – life can be so cruel, sooo very cruel.

Does anyone else think it might be a little careless?

As if we don’t have enough problems already:

2012 Mayans predicted the end (nobody knows the end of what).

I still didn’t have a chance to meet Alan Rickman.

I haven’t been to Disney World yet (that’s a quicker way of world traveling, and cheaper, if you resist buying merchandise).

But I’ve been dreaming about a trip last night:

I dreamt, I was on a ship, when it began sinking I got contemplative.

I had a hard decision to make.

Would I be able to get over my grudge with orange?

I dearly loathe it – should I betray my principles?

Could I live on with that shame?

When they were giving out the life vests – I declined.

I don’t wanna die, while wearing orange!

Things I Don’t Get – A Good Night’s Sleep

Picture by tinou bao

A good night’s sleep without a nightmare.