Challenges Of Life

Picture by Randy Pertiet

I really hate to take the subway. So many people around you, demanding at times, rude most of the time.

What’s the point of getting sweaty and tired, if it’s not even in a fun way?


The Guy: Excuse me, please!

Me: This is preposterous, how dare you?

The Guy: I’m sorry but you …

Me: You shouldn’t ask for trouble.

The Guy: I won’t, I’d just like you to step off my foot.


I can’t stand people who try to tell me what to do.

Such hypocrites!

If I was lying there on the floor just about to croak, nobody would have even looked in my direction.

But you obviously can not stand where you want without getting bothered.


What are they gonna demand next?

Don’t have impure thoughts?

Yeah, you wish!