Who Do I Want To Be Today And Why – Patrick Stewart

Why Patrick Stewart? He is a noble knight who’s also naughty. That british accent is so posh. Imagination is the key, he is very creative. Watch yourself.

Voices In My Head – To Run Or Not To Run That Is The Question

The whole thing is hopeless.

They’re gonna getcha.

You better run now as long as you can, that’s not paranoid, it’s reasonable.

No use getting up this week, so if I just stay in bed, nobody will bother me with anything.

Ahhh, come on rain drops are not that lethal!

Time Warp

I’m having déjà-vu after déjà-vu, driving me crazy.

Daylight saving time a natural killer of brain cells.

I have constantly the feeling of: been there done that.

I’m confused, at times I forget what day it is – I’m stuck on Sunday, I deny the existence of Mondays.

Getting out of bed, taking a shower, having breakfast – I could swear I’ve done that before!

I have no idea how many breakfast-coffees I had today, or yesterday, or the day before, but I’m trembling.

I guess, my shaking body might be some sort of alarm signal.

What would Captain Picard do, Mr. Spock suggest, or Dr. McCoy prescribe?

Daylight saving time – I’d rather save my sanity than daylight – there’s a new day every day, but you’re only given a limited amount of brain cells.

The mailman resembles Data more from day to day – I guess I watched too many episodes of …

… damn I can’t remember!

Well, probably I’m just tired, I should get me a coffee.

Questionnaire Part 4 Of God Kows How Many

Picture by aussiegall

So, I’m done with crying. Had to retreat a couple of days, but now I’m back. Let’s continue!

7) Your idea of misery.

Well, being me I guess.

Note: Being incredibly bored by myself I’m gonna spice the questions up. Hell, yeah! That and being depressed by my last confession.

8 ) What would you wish for Christmas, if you believed Santa existed.

Being a happy-go-lucky person, would be good for starters.

9) The secret of success.

How the hell should I know, if I would, I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep every night. But on the other hand who knows, maybe I would, I’m really screwed up you know. That’s where I get my inspiration from. *pat my back somehow proud*

Questionnaire Part 3 Of God Kows How Many

Picture by aussiegall

4) Your main fault.

Not being Alan Rickman.

5) Your favourite occupation.

Not the faintest idea. Well, actually I pretend to be Alan Rickman does that count?

6) Your idea of happiness.

I am positive, I would be really happy, if I could be Alan Rickman. At least for a day, and I wouldn’t mind living that day again and again for the rest of my life.

Questionnaire Part 2 Of God Kows How Many

Picture by aussiegall

Let’s actually start with the questions and my wisdom that I wish to share.

1) Desirable virtues

Mindpower to alternate everything according to personal preference. Who needs a Fairy Godmother and a curfew!

2) Favorite qualities in people

Generosity. I adore anyone who is generous to me.

3) What to appreciate most in friends.

Especially with me, that they even consider to be in a friendship with me. Well loyalty is great in general isn’t it?

Dear future friends, thanks for being my friends!

Questionnaire Part 1 Of God Knows How Many

Picture by Justus Hayes

For the record, this is not a Meme!

This is the turberification of the Marcel Proust Questionnaire.

I thought it’s about time, that all the poor souls bringing themselves to actually read this blog, should get something out of this. Of course my humble goal can’t be to educate you, but what I can do is to give you at least the tools to pretend, that you are educated.

If everything else fails, here is what you need to know, in order to survive any party conversation that may ever occur in your life. If you’re like me, you don’t get invited to parties of course, but one can at least dream, right?