Voices In My Head – The Boss

Family CrestI can’t take it anymore, can you take it?

I feel the walls are closing in on me.

This is vile and humiliating.

Who the f… are you, anyway?

I’m the one telling you to relax! Good lord, just a couple more minutes and we’re done.

Getting a hair cut is not lethal – damn, cramp in my calf, help me quick gotta get outta here, NOW!

Who Do I Want To Be Today And Why – Patrick Stewart

Why Patrick Stewart? He is a noble knight who’s also naughty. That british accent is so posh. Imagination is the key, he is very creative. Watch yourself.

Hope Unites Globally – Splendid Marvellous Wonderful

Barely awakening from my Irish-Coffee-Coma, I realise that a load of honor has been dumped over me, again, and I just didn’t get it.

Lovely Lynn had the kindness to give me the HUG Award!

You can find her right here: http://deceitfulland.wordpress.com

This award is a bit different than the other blogger-awards (it took me a while to figure it all out, and I’m glad this lady: LScott helped me to do so).

Now, me being absolutely – not modest at all – well, I do not only feel the urge to give back, but to do my best to drag others into my misery loving arms.

Once I’m determined to like you – there will be no escape!

This is how it works: instructions

Read it and weep – I did.

There’s nothing so heartwarming like a dearly hug – the next best thing is: to get the H.U.G. Award.

I wanna give a H.U.G. to these guys:

Hey Pal, Your Cadillac Isn’t In His Garage Anymore!

Did you know – you could offend people – by confirming something that they already should know?

Neither, did I!

I told him his pinstripe suit was looking very funny with his shoes.

He didn’t think so.

Therefore I felt the need to show some compassion.

All I said was:

I pity you, it must be really hard

facing life without a sense of humor. 

What I learned from this:

Well, you cannot force help to people, I suppose.

So, I decided, it’s probably better,

not to offend him again, by telling him:

Your fly is open!

After all, we’re no savages! I do my best to act civilised, most of the time, at least.

Nose-picking doesn’t count, right?