Sign Of The Octopus

Being different is so hard!

All the attention you get is not really worth the trouble – unless of course, you know how to make money out of it.

Other people’s standards don’t fit you – nobody will ever reach your standards.

Exhausted from trying too hard to fit in – here I am – confessing.

I do blush sometimes – but I really don’t want anybody mentioning it.

I don’t mind the dark but too much sun is scary.

Moonlight is so much healthier no time limit, no sunscreen, no burning to ashes.

I don’t have a soft spot – my whole body is one soft spot – I am a very delicate creature, but I will not allow anyone to mess around with me!

Octopus Love – click and laugh or cry it’s up to you

Born under the sign of the Octopus.

That’s a well known fact in my home galaxy – here nobody seems to have heard of it!

Other signs don’t fit me.

I’m an Octopus damn it!

It’s like the mystery of why everybody knows the own star sign – but still claims –  not to believe in it.

Facts and imperative stuff:

Once I grabbed something I won’t let go again – ever!

I like to cuddle real tight, real long, real hard – you can’t breathe – not my problem!

I don’t like being without water or without someone to cuddle!

I am a seriously misunderstood creature