Turtlenecks For Any Occasion – Even As Beneficent Gift

Picture by audreyjm529

As this winter is cold beyond belief, I decided to provide myself with a decent amount of turtlenecks.

Found a very good deal immediately:


Well, you can never go wrong with blackgrey, brown, navy, salmongold and baby blue.

The last one – I wasn’t so sure about a puke-green –

they said it’s chartreuse.

I told them, I was fine with 7 – I’d have one for each day of the week, but they insisted, my collection wouldn’t be complete without.

They truely believed in that one, I could see their massive stack of chartreuse turtlenecks behind the curtain.

Actually, no matter what you purchased there, they would give you a chartreuse turtleneck for free.

Outside I almost ran over a terribly shivering chihuahua.

Well, sure these dogs are known to be neurotic, but I assumed something so tiny and naked might have some other problems, too.

I felt sorry for that poor creature.

It was perfect and the sleeves doubled up as a scarf.

The chihuahua could totally pull it off, I would never have looked as good as him in chartreuse.