Valentine’s Day With Alan Rickman

Oh Turber, how lucky can you get!?

Found a 12-year-old fortune cookie – had a weird color.

I don’t think green is a good color for fortune cookies.

It said:

“Today you will meet the love of your life”

Didn’t want to push my luck – so, I ate it.

Was a good idea 15 min later I saw Cupid approaching me.

Telling me to follow him, he’d lead me to Alan Rickman.

Was a blissful night out!

I picked Alan up in front of the movie theatre.

We went to a burlesque show and ended up in a drag club later.

Last thing I remember is the special cocktail of the house,  the barkeeper started to provide us with.

Every drink came with an extra bucket to the table.

VIP treatment I guess.

Although they refused to give them for free.


The best Valentine’s Day of my life!

Woke up the next morning clutching this movie poster to my heart.

How sweet of him leaving a souvenir for me, probably didn’t want to wake me up before leaving.

Wonder why he didn’t leave me a note or at least sign the poster?

Phone rings, unfortunately not Alan.

Cinema manager yell’s at me while I try to explain, that the fortune cookie was right.

Neglected the other love of my life for too long.

Thank God my waffle iron is never mad at me.

I wonder if Alan likes waffles? Next time I’ll be prepared!

Maybe he’ll stay then for breakfast.

Valentine’s Day – Blessing Or Curse

So you are not hot, gorgeous, rich and famous like him,

which would mean

people would give their right arm

to get laid by you.

Neither are you sexy, irresitible, rich and famous like her,

which would mean

you could practically seduce

any living thing on this planet.

Welcome to Broken-Heart-Alley

Valentine’s Day or candy-coated misery (as some may refer to it), can be tough and even painful for neglected creatures.

You: Be my Valentine!

Other Person: Be your own Valentine, I’m busy!!!

So, now you need to be absolutely honest about your feelings, if you don’t you might end up as one of this crazy cat people.

Answer the question below, that will give you a first clue and determine the state of your derangement. Besides it will show you how many other people share the same fate. You might want to do this for your own good.


By now you know whether you are a happy camper or not.

For those of you living a life full of joy – Happy Valentine’s Day!

The rest, stay tuned there is hope and help will be provided.

No, no close the window you won’t jump out, you gonna have an appointment with Dr. Turber soon…