Voices In My Head – The Boss

Family CrestI can’t take it anymore, can you take it?

I feel the walls are closing in on me.

This is vile and humiliating.

Who the f… are you, anyway?

I’m the one telling you to relax! Good lord, just a couple more minutes and we’re done.

Getting a hair cut is not lethal – damn, cramp in my calf, help me quick gotta get outta here, NOW!

19 thoughts on “Voices In My Head – The Boss

  1. mimijk says:

    This is me at the hair salon…

  2. Ha, ha. I find getting my hair cut rejuvenating. Sorry you don’t. Anyway, how long does it take?

  3. EllaDee says:

    Hairdressers and dentists 😦 As a country kid my experiences still shadow me.

    • Turber says:

      Yep, the stuff that traumatises you as a kid will haunt you for good – only the thought of carnations launches nightmares while I’m still awake… *sobbing in fear*

  4. Turber–THIS should make everything better. JUST saw this in an article about home-decor colors going OUT. I knew I HAD TO SHARE IT WITH YOU:

    While shades of coral, as well as deep and earthy orange tones, are still acceptable, orange is taking a back seat in color trends. The shade that once splashed the walls of large foyers is no longer considered a desirable home dΓ©cor option.


    • Turber says:

      Thanks for sharing, dear! Well you know my opinion about that dreadful insult for the human eye. I’m quite puzzeled though how orange could be EVER an option worth considering. My point is: life vests don’t have to be orange – there is nothing wrong with a bright sunshine yellow! Do I have to mention that no shade of orange is acceptable to me? Something to think about would be: oranges have this color but should not be considered guilty – they have the decency to provide yellow juice. I rest my case… πŸ˜€

  5. Some doors are closed. Based on your bias, no lawyer in Orange County will take your case.

    • Turber says:

      Then I have to stick to not getting caught in the first place I guess – I feel a bit angry when I think about it though – guess I’ll go and squeeze something behind closed doors. Cheers! πŸ˜‰

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