Valentine’s Day With Alan Rickman

Oh Turber, how lucky can you get!?

Found a 12-year-old fortune cookie – had a weird color.

I don’t think green is a good color for fortune cookies.

It said:

“Today you will meet the love of your life”

Didn’t want to push my luck – so, I ate it.

Was a good idea 15 min later I saw Cupid approaching me.

Telling me to follow him, he’d lead me to Alan Rickman.

Was a blissful night out!

I picked Alan up in front of the movie theatre.

We went to a burlesque show and ended up in a drag club later.

Last thing I remember is the special cocktail of the house,  the barkeeper started to provide us with.

Every drink came with an extra bucket to the table.

VIP treatment I guess.

Although they refused to give them for free.


The best Valentine’s Day of my life!

Woke up the next morning clutching this movie poster to my heart.

How sweet of him leaving a souvenir for me, probably didn’t want to wake me up before leaving.

Wonder why he didn’t leave me a note or at least sign the poster?

Phone rings, unfortunately not Alan.

Cinema manager yell’s at me while I try to explain, that the fortune cookie was right.

Neglected the other love of my life for too long.

Thank God my waffle iron is never mad at me.

I wonder if Alan likes waffles? Next time I’ll be prepared!

Maybe he’ll stay then for breakfast.

Voices In My Head – Deviations

It dawns on me life might be too short to stick to this till the end.

I feel really naughty today.

That’s perfectly normal.

No risk no fun, right?

Alright, we’ll try a new cereal brand.

Buying Books – The Chain Of Happiness

books 7This chain of happiness is unique, nothing else ever gave me the same kind of elevated mood.

No need to go out on a bad hair day, you can hide behind your computer, far more effective than sunglasses.

Can’t beat that!

chain Ordering – hilarious, 1st step of excitement kicks in

Delivery – feeling very excited, can’t wait to unbox

Reading – pure delight, feeling very smart and sophisticated; still excited, goosebumps

Aftermath – very happy, found it + made it mine + learned so much = great accomplishment


Therefore incredibly proud of myself!

You can’t beat buying books, because buying food sucks!

Had to try it though…

Bought crackers the other day:

Curious – packaging looks good, crackers in cute shapes, gonna try this new brand

Drop it into cart – don’t feel much excitement actually

Reading ingredients – suddenly I feel very dizzy, collapsing on kitchen floor, few hours later found the courage to take a bite

Aftermath – don’t appreciate the taste, can’t get rid of it though, already tried: gin, vodka, and whisky

I’m glad it worked out for others – the dog on the packaging looks very happy.

I’ll go back to buying books – they feed me so much more I feel!



I don’t mind orange on carrots, tangerines, or kumquats.

It’s a healthy color on them, but on everything else it can be a nightmare!

Do I have issues with orange?

Certainly, you would too if it happened to you.

Take a look at this: inacceptable orangeness

I still can’t believe it was made color of the year!

Yes, in the year of 2012 we face Tangerine Tango as the main enemy, I think – life can be so cruel, sooo very cruel.

Does anyone else think it might be a little careless?

As if we don’t have enough problems already:

2012 Mayans predicted the end (nobody knows the end of what).

I still didn’t have a chance to meet Alan Rickman.

I haven’t been to Disney World yet (that’s a quicker way of world traveling, and cheaper, if you resist buying merchandise).

But I’ve been dreaming about a trip last night:

I dreamt, I was on a ship, when it began sinking I got contemplative.

I had a hard decision to make.

Would I be able to get over my grudge with orange?

I dearly loathe it – should I betray my principles?

Could I live on with that shame?

When they were giving out the life vests – I declined.

I don’t wanna die, while wearing orange!

Muffins Of Good Will

As I’ve become a major subject of interest in my neighborhood, lately, I get a lot of invitations to drop by for a visit.

I figured a nice housewarming present will never fail, so I brought along my famous:


The noble cockroach, had already claimed the whole territory, as far as I could tell.

The place could have used a bit of improvement.

No sighting of the kids, though.

They’re hiding – just shy I guess – they’ll come out when the fire alarm goes off.

I acted immediately.

After all, things tend to look better, when given a good wash …