Halloween Trick You To Treat

Picture by wwarby

How I trick myself to treat me properly, well must confess it’s a mind trick. You only got to pretend to be someone you actually like. Pick for example a person from the “Who do I want to be today” Categorie if you can’t think of somebody, or in case you have no imagination at all.

Then you figure out what to do in order to make that person like you, or can stand you enough and won’t sue you. Here we go again for all those with no drop of creativity: buy flowers! That’s safer than chocolate or other sweets, you never know who has weight issues, even the ones you’d never guess are obsessed with it.

Picture by wwarby

Did you get it? You put yourself in disguise, say you pretend you’re Alan Rickman’s twin brother or sister, really doesn’t matter. Be generous give yourself plenty of any treat(ment) you like. That’s the true spirit of Halloween folks!

The next step for advanced users of this method would be to try it with another person, good luck.

Oh, one good advice, that might keep you from suffering even more than usual. Stay away from anybody who’s willig to get a restraining order!

Picture by wwarby