Emerald – Now You’re Talking!

emeraldsEmerald green was made color of the year 2013 – what a relief!

Last year was a disaster colorwise and otherwise, too.

In case you’ve forgotten the orangeness issue or don’t know what I’m talking about altogether.


Here you go dear: click please (that’s right don’t be shy!)

I am very sensitive to colors, especially in the wrong places.

I love blue obviously, still I don’t think it looks good on teeth.

Color theory says: green is a combination of blue and yellow.

There is nothing wrong with that.

I consider that a good pairing – like Alan Rickman and myself – match made in heaven.

kermitA lot of things I like are green:

trees, green velvet, green traffic lights,

money, St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns (check this out if you don’t believe me)

Kermit the frog, Emerald City, emeralds in general – particularly nice as gifts. 

Maybe the wizard could help?

I am not afraid of flying, I am willing to buy a red pair of shoes, and I definitely know a lot of witches!

emerald-cityThis is gonna be my year – I feel it!

Happy Birthday Alan Rickman – What A Glorious Day Now & Then

Alan Rickman is alleged to be hatched by a phoenix  from a golden egg.

This rumor was around for a while (probably launched by Jo Rowling).

This was  doubted by many, refusing to believe Alan would burst into flames and be reborn from the ashes.

He’s undeniable hot though!


Personally, I don’t care as for me Alan is immortal, anyway.



Wikipedia says he was born

in London and will celebrate

his 67th Birthday today.hilarious_67th_birthday_gifts_posters-r92e145ba78c04d74bc4491bcdb532868_wfb_400




As we all know Alan is one of the finest actors, directors and human beings on this planet.moodyThose who don’t know – shame on you!

But I’m here to help, it’s never to late to educate yourself. I live by that.

Since I’ve started to stalk  show intensive interest in his – well let’s just say career – I’ve learned an awful lot of things.

5 Steps for wannabe Rickmaniacs

 1  If you ever bump into him never under any circumstances address him as Professor Snape – you won’t be lucky enough to receive the Avada Kedavra Curse, you’d only whish.


2  Be aware that the obsession for Alan Rickman is contagious – I’m just sayin’ (if you’re the jealous type you might want to keep away your girlfriend or boyfriend from Alan related material)

3  You really need to be certain about your priorities – I’d turn right like every red-blooded Rickmaniac!

Alan over Watera

4  A sure sign you’re on your way to be a Rickmaniac is when all items on your bucket list say: meet Alan Rickman.

5  There are 7  Easter Eggs on this page the good ones are harder to find (obviously) – some more extra fun for all Rickmaniacs – good luck.

Happy Birthday Alan Rickman!

I’ll go and find out how to put 67 candles on a cupcake…


Valentine’s Day With Alan Rickman

Oh Turber, how lucky can you get!?

Found a 12-year-old fortune cookie – had a weird color.

I don’t think green is a good color for fortune cookies.

It said:

“Today you will meet the love of your life”

Didn’t want to push my luck – so, I ate it.

Was a good idea 15 min later I saw Cupid approaching me.

Telling me to follow him, he’d lead me to Alan Rickman.

Was a blissful night out!

I picked Alan up in front of the movie theatre.

We went to a burlesque show and ended up in a drag club later.

Last thing I remember is the special cocktail of the house,  the barkeeper started to provide us with.

Every drink came with an extra bucket to the table.

VIP treatment I guess.

Although they refused to give them for free.


The best Valentine’s Day of my life!

Woke up the next morning clutching this movie poster to my heart.

How sweet of him leaving a souvenir for me, probably didn’t want to wake me up before leaving.

Wonder why he didn’t leave me a note or at least sign the poster?

Phone rings, unfortunately not Alan.

Cinema manager yell’s at me while I try to explain, that the fortune cookie was right.

Neglected the other love of my life for too long.

Thank God my waffle iron is never mad at me.

I wonder if Alan likes waffles? Next time I’ll be prepared!

Maybe he’ll stay then for breakfast.

Back From Tibet – But Still Fighting For Buddhism Based On Alan Rickman

buddhaJust returned from my self-discovery trip to Tibet.

Was real tough, almost became a Buddhist!

Stepped back from that idea after a couple of monks tried to slay me.

Still trying to figure out what upset them so much, these guys are supposed to be peaceful souls right?

I think my idea of conveying a whole new branch of Buddhism arround the glory of having Alan Rickman on this planet might have  failed.

Although I’m not sure yet, I hope they give it a thought, as soon as they calm down a bit.

diaryIt started out so good, armed with my backpack and diary, invited by a bunch of monks to stay at the monastery.

Water had a funny color, taste was most interesting, couldn’t take the rice though, caused terrible stomach ache.

Made a lot of friends – fright of cockroaches and huge bugs practically gone.

Gold everywhere, scraped bits off whenever I could, for souvenir purposes.

Must admit had trouble though discovering myself – I blame the lack of internet access for that.

Alan RickmanMonks didn’t empathize with me on this. Felt it was time for my:

“Why Alan Rickman is so divine”-lecture

Was a disaster, caused almost a riot.

Again, I blame lack of internet for that.

Six month of backpacking sucks, if there is no internet access anywhere!

What I’ve learned:

I don’t want to live without internet ever again.

Don’t trust a monk with a torch.

Adoring Alan Rickman will unite people some day.


Ring Around The Rosie

It’s not a crime to trip and fall one might think. Obviously not everybody thinks that way.

He did not only lose the ring, but also his patience not to mention his fiancé. I don’t blame the girl, you wouldn’t either, after seeing the guy.

He had no right to blame me for that and certainly none to punish my car!

I was chasing the guy, while he was chasing his ex-fiancé, when her quarterback of a brother, decided to come after me.

So, while they where foaming at the mouth, I tried to maintain some grace.

I don’t go screaming the place down – I curl up to fetal position and cover myself with a blanket.

I decided I’d stop squandering good manners to the ungrateful.

Don’t they know the rules of common courtesy?

How barbaric.

Would it kill you to show some compassion?

Tired by all that fuss, I suggested he should sort things out with her.

I mean really he’d probably just need to toss a rose onto her lap.

I’m pretty sure they did not suffer from rabies, but I wish I could say the same about derangement.

Star Signs Reloaded

The Lost Signs will be revealed – now!

You are different?

Astrologers claim you are Gemini – but the two of you disagree?

Forecasts fail?

Stop torturing yourself! It’s time for reevaluation

Sign: Element: Traits: Goes BestWith:
Octopus Water Cuddly Mole, Whimperer, Zombie
Bat Air Sucker Turtle, Vagabond, Hag
Mole Earth Tunnel Visioned Octopus, Zombie, Whimperer
Turtle Fire Sulky Bat, Hag, Vagabond
Hag Fire Heretical Vagabond, Turtle, Bat
Whimperer Water Soggy Zombie, Octopus, Mole
Vagabond Air Sleazy Hag, Bat, Turtle
Zombie Earth Survivor Whimperer, Mole, Octopus

You want to scream: Help I’m a Hag!

Calm down – relax. Medieval times are over no one’s gonna burn you at the stake.

Far from it, you probably get your own TV-Show (I can’t guarantee they won’t burn you, if it’s reality TV).


You suspect your spouse to be a Zombie?

Well, if you were hoping for an inheritance soon, I have to disappoint you they tend to live forever.

Go for a Turtle next time they sometimes have been declared for dead after retreating to their shell – chances they won’t come out again are pretty good.

So, what about you – do you know who you are?

Great! Tell me!!!

Sign Of The Octopus

Being different is so hard!

All the attention you get is not really worth the trouble – unless of course, you know how to make money out of it.

Other people’s standards don’t fit you – nobody will ever reach your standards.

Exhausted from trying too hard to fit in – here I am – confessing.

I do blush sometimes – but I really don’t want anybody mentioning it.

I don’t mind the dark but too much sun is scary.

Moonlight is so much healthier no time limit, no sunscreen, no burning to ashes.

I don’t have a soft spot – my whole body is one soft spot – I am a very delicate creature, but I will not allow anyone to mess around with me!

Octopus Love – click and laugh or cry it’s up to you

Born under the sign of the Octopus.

That’s a well known fact in my home galaxy – here nobody seems to have heard of it!

Other signs don’t fit me.

I’m an Octopus damn it!

It’s like the mystery of why everybody knows the own star sign – but still claims –  not to believe in it.

Facts and imperative stuff:

Once I grabbed something I won’t let go again – ever!

I like to cuddle real tight, real long, real hard – you can’t breathe – not my problem!

I don’t like being without water or without someone to cuddle!

I am a seriously misunderstood creature

Challenges Of Life

Picture by Randy Pertiet

I really hate to take the subway. So many people around you, demanding at times, rude most of the time.

What’s the point of getting sweaty and tired, if it’s not even in a fun way?


The Guy: Excuse me, please!

Me: This is preposterous, how dare you?

The Guy: I’m sorry but you …

Me: You shouldn’t ask for trouble.

The Guy: I won’t, I’d just like you to step off my foot.


I can’t stand people who try to tell me what to do.

Such hypocrites!

If I was lying there on the floor just about to croak, nobody would have even looked in my direction.

But you obviously can not stand where you want without getting bothered.


What are they gonna demand next?

Don’t have impure thoughts?

Yeah, you wish!

Ode To Alan Rickman

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman – alright that was the poetic part!

You want more? No problem – I got some more good stuff.

Sonnet 130 even if you don’t care about it – the voice is the treat.

I’d say that’s Shakespeare at its best!

Now the facts:

Actor, director,  genius artist. No doubt, he’s dripping with talent and  – probably lots of saliva, too (Fans massively drooling over him all the time).

He’s teaching the world compassion – not only through his numerous charity activities – thanks to Alan, people now feel sorry for dark wizards with no friends.

Mostly unknown facts:

According to him, he’s a nice guy and doesn’t play bad people – only interesting characters.

Compassion! You see Hans Gruber, The Sheriff of Nottingham, and Judge Turpin are not bad – only seriously misunderstood.

He’s still naughty, though!

You want a proof? Click here


Now, tell me you don’t adore him …

Don’t fight it – you know you can’t resist Alan Rickman.


I leave you to your dreams now!

100th Anniversary Of Titanic’s Sinking – And Facts You Didn’t Know Yet

An Anniversary to celebrate?

Doesn’t feel like it to me – but one to be aware of.

There are facts, speculations, theories, rumors, legends, movies – a lot of stuff accumulates in 100 years.

The Titanic sank 15th April 1912 – the Mayans didn’t seem to care much, at least they didn’t care to predict.

Back then it was considered a privilege to be on that ship, it was fancy – all the rich and famous gathered for a trip that was planned to make history, the iceberg was an uninvited party crasher.

In the middle of the night, when usually people prefer:

to sleep (3rd class),

or get drunk (2nd class passengers),

do what they do best – bitching around (1st class folks) –

a frozen bulk of water known as the evil iceberg decided to put an end to this.

The band wouldn’t stop playing – so naturally everybody panicked.

The captain wasn’t much of a help – he preferred to retreat, and drown in private.

Thank God the life vests were white – so nobody declined them because of color issues.

The famous Grand Staircase had a huge priceless clock, which was never meant to operate under water.

The tragedy continued, some passengers were unable to save their jewelry, not to mention the portable safes or the boxes with fine Cuban cigars.

All attempts to retrieve them were in vain.

Old ladies should not be blamed for that circumstance – who knows it may be for the higher good.

But love and loyalty were still around.

I’m not talking about redhead and blondie!

That’s the true love story folks:

Ida and Isidor Straus

She refused a seat in a lifeboat because she didn’t want to be separated from her husband.

Sometimes words are not enough, they need to be filled with meaning.

I will not be separated from my husband,” other passengers heard her say.

As we have lived, so will we die together.”

Isidor begged his wife to go. “Please, please, dear. Go into the boat,” he said, stroking her head, but she resisted again and again, until the crew gave up.

Isidor, my place is with you.

I have lived with you.

I love you, and if necessary, I shall die with you,” she said.

You may cry now!