Avoid Dark Alleys And Muskrats

It was definitely the wrong turn to take.

I was lost, it was so dark, wet, and creepy.

Believe me there are better places for loitering.

This shifty little bugger snitched my pen.

It’s a pen, so what, get another one damnit – you say?

That objection seems reasonable, at first!

You must know:

I hang on to it for sentimental reasons.

I wouldn’t make a fuzz about it – but it was my favorite  – I snitched it from my math teacher once.

So, you see it’s imperative I get it back.

My precious, my treasure … *cough* … sorry fishbone stuck in my throat.

Don’t let the fluffy furiness ensnare you – there is a criminal mind at work.

Have you seen this muskrat?

Current residence of the fugitive unknown.

Any relevant information will be appreciated.

But not rewarded!

Does anyone know if you turn into something weird, after being bitten by a muskrat?

I was never into that superhero thing.

25 thoughts on “Avoid Dark Alleys And Muskrats

  1. A muskrat stole my Mont Blanc! The pen was gift.
    Muskrat Love? Ha. Muskrat Evilness I say

    • Turber says:

      How right you are, dear. It needs a massive amount of evilness to steal a person’s pen – isn’t there anything sacred to those thieves?

  2. BloodyLymey says:

    I lovvvve your blogs. 🙂 Nice images, too. 🙂

  3. Guess you wont be playing Captain and Tennille’s Muskrat Love song any time soon 😉

  4. Unfortunately for me, “cute” makes me forgive far too easily!

    All the same, evil (cute) Muskrat!

  5. I had a marmot steal a sandwich from my backpack in the Rocky Mountains many years ago. Can’t trust the furry little buggers!

  6. Please elaborate on how your pen (unattended?) and a muskrat ever came into close proximity to each other.

  7. Hey! that muskrat looks just like your math teacher.

  8. Clearly the muskrats are a master race cloaking themselves – for the time being- in cuddly buck-toothed rodenthood.

    But come the revolution…

  9. lexiconlover says:

    my precious…..that cracked me up, ya made me laugh this morning :–)

  10. EllaDee says:

    I have it on good authority (well, Google) that the cure for a Musk Rat bite is a Musk Stick (you can either go to the corner shop & buy a pink sugar stick, well loved in my childhood, or the adult version is a shot of Parfait Amour, a shot of vodka and a couple of drops of Grenadine over frapped ice in a highball glass, garnished with a twirly straw… or if you can’t be bothered, just the vodka 🙂

    • Turber says:

      Sounds quite reasonable! I think I’ll find me a good cocktail bar and go trough everything they have – just to make sure I don’t miss a possible cure. 😉

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